Sunday, October 23, 2005

Q: Why give to the Bobby Fund?

A: Because the DNC, RNC, NRA, Microsoft and Google already have enough money.

Here's the deal; Coding Slave is a no profit company, not a non-profit company mind you, but a no profit company, as in $36.10 in the bank. Well, is not exactly a no profit, the book turned a modest buck and lots of people have profited from Coding Slave in terms of humor and spiritual support. But in terms of a Dun and Bradstreet verifed P&L, does not have the type of P/E ratio that puts it up there with the heavyweights of eCommerce and commercial publishing, which is probably just as well. I mean, if we (and me) had an operating budget of millions, then we (and me) would have this huge payroll and an HR Department and you know where that leads: to the land of Job Titles, Job Numbers and Class Action Suits. So, in this regard I guess being a no profit is a blessing in disguise.

However, this is not to say that we (and me) do not have plans. We (and me) do. We have more books to write, blogs to publish and trouble to make. We (and me) have to get Dr, Phil's Tech Tips on line. (Dr. Phil is THE Phil Haack.) There's a collection of famous guest writers in the wings waiting for some dough. We (and me) have a mole or two in the bowels of the Redmondian Empire that need some new spy equipment and of course, we (and me) need to have enough cash around so that The Guy who wrote Coding Slave can be a bit more selective about the type of coding weirdness that he wants to let into his life. Remember, the Guy who wrote Coding Slave does get fired once in a while. But then again, in the current climate of global software development, most of us will get fired once in a while.

Also, the pin-up girls need to get paid. (Think it's easy getting beautiful women to take off their clothes for free?).

So, we (and me) need your ( and your's) help. Give a buck or a hundred to the Bobby Fund, the fundraising apparatus of At the mundane least, just imagine that you have called an RPC function that turns money into food for the Guy that wrote Coding Slave. At the sublime best, you can support a voice that says, “Hey, we're tired of the acidic grind of tight budgets in search of cheap labor, blurry specs intended to be tight applications, burnt out managers two steps from the 401K afterlife and Big Time Wannabes trying to go public on ideas funded by Visa and MasterCard at 17.45% APR. There has got to be a better way!”

And maybe the first, better way is to give to the Bobby Fund. Do it. You'll be glad that you did.

Oh yeah, your contribution is in no way tax deductible, so don't even try it.


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