Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Q: Where are the movie stars of the future?

A: In your computer.

Just saw the movie, the Making of the Kingdom of Heaven, another one of the those movies about a movie. The Kingdom of Heaven has a cast of thousands. Unfortunately most of the them are born from the loins of a computer(s) driven by some special effects geek(s). Whereas in that past a movie studio would have to hire a whole bunch of extras to produce those big, epic scenes, now all you need is a few hundred actors to handle the close ups and a roomful of programmers to make the crowd.

The ramifications are significant. It is not inconceivable that in the near future some executive at Sony will be confronted with this decision: "Let's see... do I keep spending a ton of money on the likes of De Niro, Russell Crowe and Al Pacino? Or, do I just make my next star in a computer? I mean, those guys over at Pixar are cleaning up!"

After all, as Turing said, if it acts human, it is human.


Blogger Chris Stepaniuk said...


We might be a few years away from that technology. I mean the Matrix movies were realistic to a point, but after awhile they looked like pinup staypuff marshmellow virtual humans. I do agree, Pixar is cleaning up, but they also have awesome voice talent which makes their movies so awesome!

I hope that studio's never do that, but hey, it is cheaper, and there is less negoiation with a computer than with a lawyer.

2:36 PM  
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