Monday, March 21, 2005

Q: What is sex?

A: A celebration of life.

Beware: This is for BitHeads.

Now that Coding Slave, The Novel has been released as a free PDF, maybe it’s time for me to talk about sex. I mean, I did think a long time after the Muse told me to go wherever the writing took me. As a result I have been taking some heat in the BlogoSphere. One person said that he did not want to work his way through feces in order to find a gold nugget. It sort of hurt; poor thin skinned me.

But if you want to listen to the Muse, you gotta be willing to pay the Piper, I guess.

Yeah, there are some episodes of sexual contact in the book. Ajita puts Raphael’s penis into her vagina. Later, Ajita takes the Project Manager’s penis and puts it into her mouth which prompts Albert to put his penis into Ajita’s vagina.

Sounds hot, huh?

Well if you think that executing the mechanics of genital insertion in its various manifestations is hot sex, well…. oh, I won’t go into it. There is more than enough vacuous coital activity in the world already. Adding comment to the condition will not make things any better.

You see the thing about sex in Coding Slave is that it’s NOT a celebration of life. It’s about implementation, just like implementing an interface in the OOP language of your choice: Here are your method signatures; now add some behavior. Whether you like, want, desire or love is of no matter. Just honor the contract, follow the framework that has been provided for you.

So let’s choose a path:

Sex is a celebration of life.
Programming is a celebration of human consciousness, logic and creativity.


Sex = Insert(genital)
Programming = Do(something)

(Yeah, I am being a bit cryptic tonight. It’s getting late. I am trying to export an MPG into MOV format and it’s talking such a long time that I will not be able to get this little project done. Oh well.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope I am not the cause of some of your discomfort. (I think I'm not... I think I caught the point).

If you don't know I love you then please hear the message... I love you like an uncle.

I intend to sum up my thoughts on the book, but I'm still processing. I think I have got the point... I'm just pondering it at this point.

12:25 PM  
Blogger Bob Reselman said...

Nah, no discomfort at all.

I am not taking the dissing personally. Few readers have shared a meal with me.

In terms of love,... I can do Jay love. Once you get to know me, should you want to, you might find out why I prefer Jay love to Uncle love.

Thanks for the love.

12:38 PM  

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