Friday, October 13, 2006

Q: What’s the best day of the week?

A: Monday

Know how I know if my life is going in a good direction? The way I tell is if there is no better day of the week for me than Monday. If I find myself sitting around Sunday night having angst about what the next day will bring, something’s wrong.

Looking forward to Monday is where it’s at. Most people look forward to Friday. When Friday comes they dress up the way they really want to, not in some outfit that embraces conformity and gives the impression, maybe deception of professional competency. I mean, is a pair of Dockers, a Ralph Lauren shirt and penny loafers supposed to make you better at what you do? Does a suit and tie make you tops in your field?

Come to think of it, what does a person dressed up in Dockers, a Ralph Laurent shirt and penny loafers do anyway? We know what a person dressed up in a white lab coat and stethoscope does. We know what a guy dressed up in a blue shirt, blue pants, black shoes with utility belt and a side arm does. We know what a person dressed up in a wet suit and scuba tank does. But, what does a guy in a suit do? Lawyer? Banker? Insurance broker? Lobbyist? Venture Capitalist? Big Six Consultant? Guy going for a job interview as a an Assistant Manager at Starbuck’s?

I mean jeepers, Friday is so much the Gateway to Meaningful Existence that somebody actually made a serious buck with a restaurant chain celebrating the meaning of the day.

But, I digress like an entitled teenager who's all pissed off about actually having to get up in the morning in order to be at work on time.

It makes me sad to no end to think of a culture full of people checking out of their lives from Monday to Friday, going through the motions of participation and interest on a work week basis when in fact, the only thing that really matters is what happens on Saturday and Sunday, 5 paid holidays, and two weeks of paid vacation, expanded to three weeks after five years of service. It makes me much sadder if I happen to be one of those people.

Sadly for most of my life I’ve enjoyed Monday about as much as I’ve enjoyed deep scale teeth cleansing. I’ve been one of those people more often than not. Yet somehow I’ve come to understand that no matter how high paying the job is, if the work is meaningless, the money won’t make Sunday night any better. There really is more to life than waiting for the 401k to get to point where one can actually live off the interest, if indeed that time will ever come. Somehow when I am in an “oh shit, it’s Monday” mode, I get the sense that something is passing me by.

But there have been a lot of times in my life when Monday morning was better than a good time under the covers on Saturday night. I experienced great Mondays during college, (NOT during high school) and during those periods in life when the Universe was benevolent enough to arrange my time on the planet to be in an “I do not have a job, I am doing stuff that has more meaning than Webster’s Dictionary and I am making enough money” lifestyle.

But that was then and this is now.

From where I sit today is the only day that really matters. So, I am going to make some lemons out of lemonade. To celebrate Mondays I am adding two new products to the Coding Slave line of apparel. These additions are T-Shirts. One says the following:

“My life is so good that Monday is the best day of the week.”

The other says:

“Having a job is a highly overrated activity for people in my line of work.”

Write is you want to order some. Makes the perfect Christmas gift for the person who has everything.


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