Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Q: Is there an Answer Key?

A: Yes, but first let's do some questions.

These are some questions that I posed on Rory Bythe's blog about Coding Slave, The Novel. The questions are a response to some buzz about the book. Sometimes the Muse talks to me in great detail.

What is the purpose of not giving the Project Manager a personal name.

There is a pattern in the first sentence of the first paragraph of each chapter as the chapter relates to the Part. What is it?

What is the significance of Ajita feeding Rafael in Chapter 25?

Why did Rafael let go during the plane crash?

What is the relationship between the coders, the kid on the cruise, the Physicians in the Platonic dialog that ships with the book and Meno?

What is the symbolic meaning of Walt's desk location?

Where did Walt want to live?

Why did Walt walk away from Connie?

Why would Katherine want to recruit coders in the San Fernando Valley?

What is the relationship between sex and coding, as alluded to in the book?

What chapters are musical?

I will be honored to provide answers. Or feel free to provide your own. After all, as I have discovered, there are many answers to any given question.


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