Saturday, August 09, 2008

Q: How many words is a picture worth?

A: How many do you have?

A while ago I took the Coding Slave site offline and redirected it to here. I did this for a variety of reasons, mostly because the MySQL database that ran the site broke and I ran out of time keeping the site up in terms of content updates. Also, I was not very successful at talking some Big Ass Venture Capital Firm into giving me a few million dollars in order to hire a small staff and buy a time share in a GulfStream, things which are necessary to take the concept to the next level.

So the world gets the blog, which for now is probably the best to be had, and not a bad thing at that.

But, one of the items that went away was a bunch of postcard photos that I created. I think them to be humorous and thought provoking. It was a mistake to take them offline.

So, I am going to post them here. Take a look. Feel free to download them. Send them to family and friends. Hell, send a few to your boss.

If you make any money selling them off as your own, well..... karma is karma.

Coding Hell

How to determine a dysfunctional organization

How Jefferson justified slavery (in questionable UML)

Why people get dogs (in questionable UML, with reasonable VB)

The nature of things


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