Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Q: Is the blog going to be political?

A: From where I sit it’s all political now; maybe it always has been.

My concerns and dislikes are not centered on G. W. Bush exclusively. I have come to learn that a single person does not come to power, a group comes to power. And as such, the group that has been in power in this country for the last one hundred years has done some good stuff, such as raise the standard of living and safety for its citizens, while not causing a disproportionate amount of damage when compared to all the other nation-states on the planet.

However, this is changing. The ease of living in this nation-state seems to be sliding downward. Yeah we have more techno-toys, SUVs and Wal-Mart vegetables, but as a culture we seem to be working longer hours, more anxiously, more fearfully, while it seems that others high up in the transnational corporate ranks reap the excess of our labor more than is their historical entitlement. And, the under class grows. Most of the wealth made by the citizens of this nation seems to be going one way: further up the socio-economic ladder, faster. Add to these distresses the fact that our government is overtly forcing its citizens to kill a whole lot of people in a far off country without reasonable justification, if reasonable justification exists at all. The murderous, Big Media supported foreign policy that this government is bringing to bear upon the world using my tax dollars is embarrassing and repugnant. As a citizen I feel tarnished. A friend of mine once told me that to tolerate something was to insist on it.

Thus I yap. There is an argument to be made that talk is cheap. There is an argument to be made also that language is the fundamental building block of thought and that thinking drives behavior. So I yap, keep my income down, paying less taxes, so as to legally not contribute to this present debacle of governmental insanity, hoping that I influence others and hoping that I find more people who think as I do and believe as I do. I get lonely. I do not want to be a solitary voice in the civic landscape, if I can avoid it. Luckily, here in California there are a lot of like voices, on both the Republic and Democratic sides of The Party.

Speaking of groups coming to power, from where I sit, we software developers have been the guys in power for a long while, without knowing it.

That some people thought the Carson/Bush thing was not that funny. Oh well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The murderous, Big Media supported foreign policy that this government is bringing to bear upon the world using my tax dollars is embarrassing and repugnant."

You can't honestly tell me that you think big media supports GW and his policy.

3:03 AM  
Blogger Bob Reselman said...

Only the mob and the elite can be attracted by the momentum of totalitarianism itself. The masses have to be won by propaganda. --Hannah Arendt

9:10 AM  

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